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Our partner schools are:

Šolski center Nova Gorica, project coordinator

School centre Nova Gorica is one of the most important vocational educational and training (VET) centres in Slovenia. It offers a wide variety of training and educational programmes for youth aged 15-19 as well as for adults in the fields of: computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, wood processing, construction, transport and technical gymnasium as well as agriculture and horticulture, health & care. Since 2005 the centre has spread its offer to the short cycle higher education programmes such as for informatics, mechatronics and agriculture. In the afternoon we organize a variety of educational programmes, trainings, certifications of NVQs and tailor made courses for adults, among them also for job seekers.

School centre Nova Gorica has been actively taking part in international and national projects for more than a decade, as we would like to enable a permanent development for the centre, which has to follow national and European guidelines for the development of vocational education and training. These are different projects within the programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Phare and European Social Fund; in which our centre has a role of a project promoter or a partner.

In the last years we have been closely co-operating with many social partners (different companies, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and other Chambers, Employment Service of Slovenia, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education and Sport, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, University of Ljubljana, Regional development agencies, Municipality of Nova Gorica etc.). We collaborate with them in the process of development of vocational and professional education in Slovenia and we try to find a common solution for the further development.

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ITI e Liceo delle Scienze Applicate »G. Cardano«, project partner

ITI “G. Cardano” was founded in 1962 with a distinct cultural identity, that is to say representing and promoting a technical-scientific culture alternative and equal in dignity to the traditional humanistic culture provided by lyceums. The school is rooted in a territory where there is both large-scale industry and small-medium enterprise and it gains “hands on” the esteem and confidence of the establishing cultural and productive realities reaching a stable relationship with the different industries, local authorities and University. In 1993 our school acquires further completeness, providing its students with a double opportunity introducing the Technological Lyceum which aims at the formation of a high school level of education based on the integration of science, technology and arts, using an experimental methodological approach to the scientific disciplines.

Since the school year 2010-2011 ITI “G. Cardano” starts the high school reform. The courses of study offered to students who enrol in first class are High school of applied sciences and Technological and technical school with the following addresses:

  • Chemistry, materials and biotechnology,
  • Electronics and electrical engineering,
  • IT and telecommunications,
  • Mechanical, mechatronics and energy.

Web site:

Tehnička škola Pula, project partner

tehnicka_skola_pulaTechnical school Pula is a polyvalent school that educates students in the field of electrical engineering, mechatronics engineering, shipbuilding, construction and geodesy. The school has 520 students in 20 classes and 54 staff of which 44 teachers. School covers all the subjects concerning automation; mechanics, robotics, electrotechnics and have competent teachers from these fields.

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Fondazione Le Vele, project partner

The non-profit foundation “Le Vele” works for the progress of various productive sectors and employs itself with economic, social and cultural topics. The foundation is supported by the Lombardy Region and cooperates within different contexts of the Pavia territories on the regional, national and international level. The foundation takes part in initiatives which are focused on the phenomenon of the scholastic dispersion, realising a lot of projects financed by the Lombardy Region – Family and Social Solidarity Councillorship, region law 23/99, with the plan “It informs you in order to educate”.

Concerning the youth Le Vele has carried out activities specifically aimed at connecting with the labour market and campaigns addressed at the agencies concerning teachers and parents on communication and education and interaction with the international youth.

It has also carried out two initiatives with the Ministry for youth policy and sports activities. One is the application of rules regarding the certification of formal, non-formal and informal competence. Today the foundation is part of the team for the application, which is run by the Lombardy Region and the University of Milan. It also provides innovative educational services for schools, designed for students and teachers with initiatives focus at a different approach between schools and businesses. Its aim is to fight the phenomenon of school dropout and exclusion by implementing projects funded by the Lombardy region. Projects aimed at students and faculties have been adopted by various schools in the province. Regional activities in higher education (as training of trainers) often integrate the training and retraining activities with awareness and training of the families, sharing lines of school action and extracurricular activities and methodologies. And second one is that Le Vele manages the mobility of young jobseekers from Southern to Northern Italy for work experience projects in economic enterprises.

The most productive collaborations include:

  • Provincial Student (Pavia), which brings together 80 representatives from secondary schools in the province of Pavia and belongs to the National Coordination of student councils,
  • The Centre for the provincial education legality of Pavia and
  • European Federalist Movement and the Young European Federalists, two movements that encourage the local culture and the international trade.

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